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We Passed Submission 7/13/2011, The new Version is 7Mb smaller.. Bonus!

This new version has an improved and more streamlined (and intuitive) interface.


30th July 2011

Cards on Fire became available. A Free download. We sincerely hope you enjoy playing the game.


16th August 2011 Available Now

Tip The Scale is a new and Original Card based solo play game. We are hoping here we get a bit more visibility with this game than we did with our last one. It Is also another FREE game.

26th August 2011 Available Now

Cards Combo Pack combines both of our original games into one combo pack for ease of use, with all ads removed. This is purchasable for your windows phone now. If you do not want to pay for these games, the FREE versions are still available.


Working hard on creating many games for people to enjoy. So nothing new really. Though we are about to complete a set of 3 distilled gameplay games.


Once they are done we will be going into more in-depth gameplay games. Also should be going back to the Android systems then, Woohoo!