Making games worth playing

Who are we?

Sorcery Games is a group of Creative people who love to play games. Along with playing games we love to create them. The group has been creating games since 1982 and has published more than 60 titles. We are also interested in many varieties of creative development. So do not be surprised to see us produce Books or Television series.

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What are we doing?

Currently Robert Toone and his Daughter Leilani are busy creating a whole new game. An exciting endeavor that you play the part of a bunny exploring a large interactive world and working on quests for the local townsfolk. While discovering funny and wonderful characters and Minigames along with many other exciting features.

Why do this?

Having become a little frustrated by some of the Larger Triple A titles out there and their overly long and complex storylines and sometimes directionless gameplay. We decided we wanted to play more Fun oriented games, but with the same basic gameplay mechanics. Just not all of them placed together in a single game. To conjure up new, fun, playable games as it were. It is also very important to us to have cooperative play modes so people can enjoy playing together (on appropriate machinery).

We endeavour to make our games.....

  1. FUN
  2. Easy to pick up and play (ease of use and training)
  3. Hard to put down (evolving and challenging)
  4. Multiplayer (Coop modes are a MUST where applicable)
  5. Quality before quantity
  6. Be more than is expected

The way a game plays is our number one focus. Sorcery was formed to create various gameplay examples in a variety of genres. I sure hope we get enough time to experiment with some of our new ideas and designs. Some will work, some will not.

We are located in sunny southern California just outside Los Angeles in a lovely town called Simi Valley. USA.

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