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Here is level 5 being played through

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For the Xbox 360. 'A Shooter' is not surprisingly a side scrolling shooter. A Classic Capcom and Snes style side scrolling Shooter, the likes of which are rare to find nowadays.


Finding shooters hard to get into? The starting difficulty too hard? Then you need to play A Shooter on your Xbox 360. This game starts off in a measured way to introduce novices to the art of side scrolling shooters. Later as you achieve Mastery of the shooter elements it packs the screen full of interesting and daunting enemies to crush and take care of.

The aim of the game is simple… to Power up your ship with the abundant powerup containers and blast the enemy spaceships into oblivion. Sounds simple we know, but the game has beautifully balanced gameplay for novices to pro players. Feel that sense of worth build as you battle End of Level bosses and defeat their overconfident attack plans. Think you are good enough to take on the final level and the End of Game Boss that inhabits it? I challenge you to try.

With carefully crafted gameplay to handle 2,3 or 4 player cooperative modes, you know you can have a blast with friends and family. And those friends can help you proceed further in the game. The game boasts excellent friendly features such as Permanent powerups, Infinite level restarts and lots of enemies to take care of.

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You can get all this for only 80msp and it comes with smart bombs, Woah! That is astounding value in any monetary system!


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